Bible Basics Classes Spring 2017

Are you...

  • new to Christianity?
  • coming back to the church after some time away?
  • thinking about becoming a member of Lamb of God?
  • just curious about what we believe and teach?
  • a member who wants to review the basics of our faith?

Our Bible Basics class is designed just for you.

What is Bible Basics?

Bible Basics is a free bible study course open to all adults who simply want to learn more about God’s answers to life big questions.

Along the way you can ask whatever questions come to mind or anything you'd really like to find honest answers to.

While those who complete Bible Basics are invited to become communicant members of Lamb of God, we offer the class with no obligation or hidden agenda. You don't have to attend Lamb of God or even plan on it to participate in Bible Basics. 

We meet at coffee shops, at our church, in local libraries, wherever's convenient. New classes are scheduled throughout the year.

What will I learn?

Our Bible Basics course is called "In the House of the Lord." It uses the outline of the traditional Christian worship service to dig into life's big questions. Along with providing and deeper understanding and appreciation of the way we worship, we'll learn what God says about important topics like:

  • who God is
  • who we are and why we are here
  • sin and forgiveness
  • life and death
  • heaven and hell
  • the bible and prayer
  • marriage and family
  • baptism and holy communion
  • the beginning and end of the world
  • and much more

How do I join the class?

Our next Bible Basics class will be held Thursdays at 7:30 pm, beginning March 9, 2017.  It will be held at Lamb of God Lutheran Church, 4925 Sunbury Rd, Columbus. While pre-registration is not required, it will help us to prepare enough materials for all participants. Register below or by contacting Pastor Wagner (614-471-5164 or

If you are interested in Bible Basics but cannot attend on Thursday evenings, please contact Pastor Wagner or fill out the form below to arrange a different meeting time.