Our Pastor

Let's get to know each other!

I grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I worshiped the Lord each week with my family at Crown of Life Lutheran Church. It was there, already by the first grade, that I knew I wanted to be a pastor. The biggest step in that direction is when I started my ministerial education at Northwestern College in Watertown, WI. The following summer the two ministerial colleges of our church body merged to become Martin Luther College. After three wonderful years at MLC in New Ulm, Minnesota I graduated with honors and headed off to seminary to begin my graduate studies.

I spent my first year of seminary at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Leipzig, the pastoral training school of our sister synod in Germany: the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church (ELFK). After I returned to the States and dove deeply into pastoral training and education at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. Normally the third of the four seminary years is spent vicaring (interning) at one of our congregations. The Lord sent me to be the vicar at St Paul's First Lutheran in North Hollywood, California. At the end of that vicar year my supervising pastor took a call and I was asked to help fill the vacancy there until their new pastor would answer the call to shepherd St Paul's. The vacancy lasted about one year. I learned and grew so much in those two years. 
Following what turned out to be ten years of pastoral education and training the Lord sent me to serve his people at Friedens Lutheran Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin. There I finally realized the dream I'd had since the first grade. It was also there that the Lord introduced me to Erin, the absolute love of my life. Erin's father is a pastor (currently serving at Good Shepherd, Bloomer, Wisconsin) and her mother was a teacher, so she understands the ins and outs of ministry and congregational life. Erin was born in Nebraska and has lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Maine and New York. When I met her she was teaching at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She had traveled to Chicago for a conference and then came to Kenosha to visit friends (who invited me over for dinner that night).
At Friedens the Lord blessed us to serve. His goodness to us exceeds anything we could ever have imagined. Among his most precious blessings to us are the two daughters he gave us there, Enna and Madeleine. But there was still more. After the Lord moved us north to Manitowoc he grew and blessed our family again with the gift of a son, Isaac.
We are so excited to finally be here in Columbus, Ohio! This is a thriving and growing city, but more exciting than that is the fact that we are here with you! Becoming part of the Lamb of God congregational family, and this community, growing in the Word of Christ with you and reaching out together with the love of Jesus in this great place, this is what we are most excited about! We are filled with such hope as we look forward to all the Lord has in store for the Lamb of God family and grow together in Jesus’ love.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Thomas Meissner