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Hello and welcome to Lamb of God Columbus online! I'm Pastor Thomas Meissner and I am so glad you are tuning in with us.
In the midst of such uncertainty in our world, we are thankful for the technology that allows us to still gather, worship, and hear God's Word every Sunday at 10:30am.

If you're a Lamb of God member, welcome to you! You can check-in by texting "Family" to 614-860-5806. Thanks!
If you're a guest tuning in for the first time, a special welcome to you!  Click here to fill out our guest connect card. Please take a moment and fill that out so we can continue to stay in touch with you.

Even when we can't all meet together in our physical location we are still rooted in Christ’s love, devoted to growing together in God’s Word and to proclaiming Christ in our community and world. Thanks again for worshiping with us today!