Easter 2022
To the world, he seemed like a defeated man: opposed and killed by his enemies, his followers scattered in fear. Yet, three days after Jesus’ death, he rose victorious from the dead. Nothing would ever be the same. The rest of eternity is now a victory march for the risen Christ. During Easter, we should not think of ourselves as passive observers in Christ’s victory. We are more than fans cheering for our favorite athlete! Rather, we are active participants in Christ’s triumph. Just as his death was our death, so also his life is our life. Buried with Christ in baptism, our life is now hidden with him on high. The victory is ours, now and forever. Easter is more than a day. It is an entire joyful season. The six solemn weeks of Lent are eclipsed by seven weeks of unbridled joy. These seven weeks correspond to the period of fifty days on the Jewish calendar between Passover and Pentecost. The Church reserves its highest praise for the Easter season. We do not merely watch from the sidelines as Christ marches in victory over sin, death, Satan, and hell. We join in the victory parade and celebration! 

Easter Sunday - April 17 - Life Marches Victorious over Death

April 24 - Witness Marches Victorious over Restraint
May 1 - Sight Marches Victorious over Blindness
May 8 - Fulfilled Works March Victorious over Empty Words
May 15 - Selfless Love Marches Victorious over Self-Glorification
May 22 - Joy Marches Victorious over Circumstance
May 29 - Unity Marches Victorious in Diversity

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