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The End is Coming! Watch Out!

Mark 13:5-11

Many Lutherans think of Luther's words, "Here I stand," as the motto of the Lutheran Reformation. But the symbol pictured here represents what was adopted by the church of the reformation as a better motto and confession. It is based on a Latin phrase, Verbum Dei Manet in Aeternum, which means "The Word of God remains forever."
The unchanging Word of God is what the Lutheran Reformation and our Christian faith is all about. To be a confessional Lutheran is to one who takes God's Word seriously and takes God at his Word. 
We believe what God says, even when the whole world and our own experiences and ideas disagree. We cling to God's promise to forgive our sins and give us eternal life as a free gift of his grace apart from our works. We trust Jesus, when he predicts that things will get worse, especially for his Church, before the end of the world, but that he will use his unchanging Word in our hearts and on our lips to preserve his Church until he comes again. Those are truths worth standing for and truths worth celebrating.